Friday, August 22, 2008

Our First Week! August 24-30

Strengthening Families:
Our Sacred Duty
Elder Robert D. Hales
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

We are often instructed to strengthen our homes and families. That “No success can compensate for failure in the home.” I wanted to find some concrete things that we can DO to prepare our families and ourselves for this world.
Now the problem I see for myself is to not get discouraged after looking at this extensive list. I have discovered that a problem I have is I see weaknesses and areas I need to improve and get discouraged at how far I have to go and wallow in it. . . .consequently getting nothing done. Tyler is trying to gently help me see the flaws in this approach. I am going to pick several of these to focus on.
I want to fill my home with the hymns. Even though Ella is so young I believe she can still respond to the feelings of the spirit and music can be so powerful.
Also I have been struggling with holding regular family home evening since I got married. At college all I had to do was show up each Monday and we had great lessons and activities. As newly weds we would put off FHE with the excuse that each night was family night for us. Most nights of the week we would conclude the day snuggling while watching TV. We knew we should be having a lesson and beginning and ending with a prayer, etc but of course that rarely came to be. Now with Ella we tend to use the excuse that Ella is too little or Tyler is SO busy. I have decided there will ALWAYS be a reason not to hold family night……but as listed above it is so critical for our families.

Please help add to our lesson by posting a comment or two. I really hope we can use this blog to learn from each other.


Seth B. said...

I agree it is tough to hold FHE regularly. We were really good for awhile when we would have a couple come over every monday and we would rotate the lesson and refreshment and things but we've fallen out of the habit. So it is really a struggle sometimes. Especially when we rationalize it with we don't have any kids...or every night is family night. But hey thanks for the lesson and we'll see if we can pull off a successful FHE on Monday!

Seth and Megan said...

I think it's great you play hymns in the home, The few times we do that (usually only sundays) I can definitely tell the difference with the spirit in home and peace within myself. And then we get caught up whistling/hummmmming it all day long together :)

When seth said 'we rationalize it with . . . " I think he really meant I (me) rationalize it. I'm bad in that if we go out to eat or to the movies, etc then that counts. but we say that after the fact :) If perhaps we share a little spritual thought at dinner :) or purposefully say at the beginning of the week' we are going to do this for FHE this week' and treat as a defined moment in our weekly life, it can be a family enriching activity. It is hard though! Thanks for the lesson Nikki :)

Chris said...

Great comments Nikki and Tyler. Sometimes we think of so many excuses to "not" do something that we forget to think of excuses "to do" something. Hold FHE and you will be blessed. Keep it simple. We need to realize that the fluff isn't that important, but the spirit is. Without it what is the point. Then is isn't so hard to hold it. I recall going to a General YW Open House in SLC in the Fall of 2000 and something that one of the counselors said really struck me, "Are we doing things to bring attention or praise to ourselves when we prepare for lessons with lots of extras or are we simply cutivating the spirit?" You can do fun simple things, but always remember the spirit is what is important and the real teacher.
Love, aunt chris